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iQ Industry Queensland is a digital platform that provides information, updates and news on Queensland’s mining industry. It also acts as an historical reference. The site is designed to connect supply chain members and industry partners with tier one to four operators in the resources, energy, exploration, processing, logistics and construction sectors.

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Mining News QLD with iQ Industry Queensland

For more than 17 years, iQ Industry Queensland has been publishing the latest QLD mining news, supporting professionals and institutions working across the state’s mining, construction and infrastructure sectors. Our publication is the leading provider of mining news in QLD. Our aim is to provide information and updates that allow our industry and supply chain partners to stay in the know. With regular updates and in-depth information on Queensland’s biggest industry, our mining news QLD publication furthers interests throughout the supply chain.

Our QLD mining news supports the sustainable development of regional communities. By providing information to the mining, energy, exploration, construction and infrastructure sectors, we are promoting the interests of the supply chain and allowing our broader communities to prosper.


iQ Industry Queensland delivers its news, information and updates in the form of two subscription services. The first is our iQ Industry Queensland publication. With a history spanning almost two decades, our mining news QLD subscription is the industry’s leading source of information.

Delivered twice daily through website updates, social media feeds, news bulletins and email, our mining news subscription gives you the flexibility to stay up to date in the ways that suit you best.

Supporting our QLD mining news bulletins is our mining industry map. Released on an annual basis, iQ Industry Queensland’s mining map provides a detailed picture of the state’s resources, allowing supply chain members to develop and expand their businesses.

We cover topics across a range of sectors, and we offer the ability to narrow down our updates to ensure you’re receiving as much value as possible.

You can view our mining news subscriptions on our website, or contact us to find out more about our map and publication.