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Our subscription services are designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing field, keeping mining professionals up to date with the latest mining news and industry trends. iQ Industry Queensland is the only specialist publication servicing Queensland’s mining industry.

We offer invaluable updates that allow mining professionals, managers and supply chain companies to access editorials and features that support operations across the state.

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iQ Industry Queensland conveniently packages the latest news and updates from Queensland’s core mining sectors into regular bulletins, providing the information you need to remain competitive in our mining industry.

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Updated yearly, our resource map depicts key mineral and energy deposits across Queensland, keeping you informed on mining industry movements. All operating and prospective sites are linked to our website editorial via QR codes keeping you up to date with mines in Queensland.

November 29, 2022

Mining Industry News, Information and Updates

Queensland’s mining industry makes up 11.7% of the state’s economy, meaning more than $39.6 billion dollars passes through our mining regions each year. In this high-volume, high-value industry, information is key to the ongoing success of supply chain mining professionals, operators and staff.

iQ Industry Queensland is the only specialist publication covering the state’s mining industry. We provide news, updates and information on all facets of mining, from operations and industry standards to safety and professional development.

Our scope is complete, from hard rock mining in the north, to coal mining in central Queensland and energy in the south, we offer state-wide news and updates. Our subscribers enjoy access to our regular publications through convenient web, social media and email platforms. For mining companies, supply chain, investors and staff, iQ Industry Queensland presents key information from the state’s major mining sectors.

Delivered regularly on a schedule that suits you, our mining news subscriptions allow clients to stay up to date on all the latest in Queensland’s mining industry news.