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Welcome to the iQ Industry Queensland job vacancy pages. This service is an extension of our commitment to deliver high-value industry information. Jobs in the mining industry present a life-building opportunity for the range of workers from professionals to operators and tradespeople to admin and support staff. The work pays a premium and there are vacancies across all sectors. We have aligned with some of the largest recruitment companies in the state to present a list of opportunities. Be quick to register your interest in these positions. They don’t last long.

Posted 5 months ago

Terrex Seismic is Australia’s leading seismic exploration company. We are contracted by oil, gas and mineral exploration companies to conduct seismic acquisition on their behalf. Crews operate f...

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About Orica At Orica, it’s the power of our people that leads change and shapes our futures.  Every day, all around the world, our people help mobilise vital resources essential to progress. Es...

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